Back When Phones Were Dumb.. DVD. Promotional films that introduced the public to the wonders of communication via the telephone and films made for AT&T employees. It All Depends On You Starring actor Jack Klugman (Quincy & The ODD COUPLE) and a young Peter Ostrum (as Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) as his son. Tries to convince customers to dial direct when dialing long distance – to save money and to save employing operators. Near Misses. Why? For telephone linemen (and other telephone company employees) to avoid unsafe activities – such as using a blowtorch to unfreeze a manhole, etc. Music in Motion (1954) Shows Bell Telephone researchers at work in transistor, coaxial and microwave laboratories. Describes how they are working to produce more accurate reproductions of the human voice and music. Depicts them studying tape recordings of the Bell Orchestra. We Learn About The Telephone (1965) Tells the history of communications, from smoke signals to telephones Adventure In Telezonia (1949) One of the Bell Telephone System’s many films instructing the public on proper use of the telephone. Bobby finds his lost dog with the help of the residents of Telezonia, who teach him how to use directory assistance, party lines, and proper phone manners. What’s In A Name? For phone operators about a mistake where a phone customer’s name is recorded wrong by the phone company.

Back When Phones Were Dumb.. DVD

Back When Phones Were Dumb.. DVD


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