This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

Keywords: 1950s, Asian, Dr. Seuss, adobe, advertisements agricultural, agriculture, andy, animal, animals, ann, apron apron, architecture architecture, art, artisan, attendant, attentive, automobile, axe axe, bakery, baking, bananas, bare bicycle, bike, blanket, blue boat, books, boxes, boy, breasted bricks, building, buildings, bull, bundle, canal, cans, canvas, cap, car, cargo, cash chicken, child, children, city, class, classroom, cleaning, clothing, coat coffee, coins, collar, color, commercial, construction, counter, country, cow, crane, crate, crops, cup, delivery, dentist, derrick desert desert, desks, diner, dirt, display display, dock, dog, dolls, dough, drawings, dress, drilling, duck, elementary equipment, exam, factory, farm, farmer, farming, fashion, feathers, ferry, fibers, field, fins, flower, food, footage, fork frame, fruit, gas gas, gathering, girl, goat, gravel, grocery, harvest, hat hat, headdress, health, high home, house, hut, indigenous, industrial, ink, jug, jumpsuit, jungle kid, kids, knot, lab ladder, lake, landscape, leaves, lift, listening, livestock, loading, lunch machinery, man, manufacturing, mechanic, medical, men, mesa, model, money, mortar, mountain, mountains, mud mud, mug mug, native, office, oil pallet, palm papers, parade, patient, payment, peak, pedestrians, people, picking, pipes, plane, plant, plateau, plow, pole, polynesian, port, posters, produce, product, pump, rag, raggedy register, restaurant, retro, river, road, robe, robes rocks, roller rope, ropes, rural, sale, scenic, school, schoolkids, screen, screenprinting, securing seesaw, server, service, shelf shelves, shipyard shop, sidewalk, skates skates, smiling smoke smoke, snow spit, spreading, squeegee, stable, stack, station, stock stone, store, students, supplies, swish, table, tail teenagers, teeth, tent, thatched, tools, town, toys, traditional, train, transport, transportation, travel, tray, trees, tribal, trinkets, tropical, truck, uniform, urban, vehicle, village, vintage, waitress, walking, wall, water water, well, woman, women, wood, workers, youth,

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